Unethical behavior and why was the behavior unethical

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1. Provide an example of a company that used unethical behavior to gain profit. What was the unethical behavior and why was the behavior unethical? How did this unethical behavior affect the company?

2. Describe an incident ,possibly involving yourself , in which allness behavior occurred. Analyze specifically why it occurred, what might have been done to prevent its occurrence, and what measures would prevent its recurrence.

Reference no: EM131416917

Choose a global non-us auto company

Instruction: this is not an essay, therefore answer them as it is (1, 2, 3, 4) No more than 4 page 1. Choose a global non- US auto company. What environmental laws are i

Theory and practices of corrections

There are very few agencies that have strict policies regarding the use of cell phones in correctional institutions. What issues in officer safety do you see as a result of of

Tentative budget-increase in budgeted net operating income

Sun Company's tentative budget for next year is as follows. Assuming that Johnston's proposal is incorporated into the budget, what should be the increase in the budgeted net

Describe how baseball front office executives

Describe how baseball front office executives and college coaches could use each of the following to make better decsions: (a) rationality. (b) bounded rationality (c) intuiti

Explain how to address resistance from staff

Analyze alternative tools a manager can use to motivate staff. Analyze how a leader can use these tools to motivate staff. Explain how leaders and managers motivate staff diff

What are some reasons why people join terrorist groups

Terrorist groups often recruit new members to grow their organization and increase their influence. What groups of people do terrorists often recruit? What are some reasons wh

What are key elements to applying professional skepticism

Skeptical Lens Professional skepticism is at the core of ultimately performing a quality audit. Below are three case studies that will focus your attention on what it takes to

Create new performance appraisal process

A company wants to create a new performance appraisal process for its employees. In a two to three page paper that is APA formatted, discuss how you would execute this directi


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