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There are two articles that we are supposed to search for and choose from the library database and use them as evidence of what ur saying.

The articles I chose from the database are about science fiction of time travel, "La jetee" and "12 Monkeys" are two different frame movies and they both introduce the same usage and ideas of time travel and science fiction.

Write about since it's a 30 minutes' short still images movie and that I actually mentioned in my essay and agreed that is a better science fiction movie than (12 Monkeys) We already had a paper that was due about science fiction time travel that's why I chose the same topic since it was the easiest of them all.

The goal of the essay is mentioned in the template about science fiction and what we learned. We need to include in this research paper a unique claim addressed through the whole paper and have the articles as evidence of the whatever claim you came up to of the whole essay.

It is preferable if the paper is not very complex in words since am an international. I will attach the template of the research essay and I hope it clarifies everything about the structure.


Your goal with this paper is to contribute new knowledge to our understanding of Science Fiction. You will do this by researching a question that you have developed during your time in this course.

As in the first two essays, your goal is to articulate a specific opportunity for conversation (a gap, tension, contradiction, ambiguity, or difficulty in the history of the thing you isolate or in the topic more broadly), develop an original and interesting claim (likely in response to a question emerging from your initial observations), and communicate your motive for writing the essay.

Your only restrictions for this essay are that you must: amass your evidence from the databases, and engage with at least one text (Native Tongue, La Jetee, 12 Monkeys, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, They Live!).

To the challenge of locating an opportunity for conversation and formulating a question, therefore, this assignment adds the tricky task of finding useful sources and analyzing them to answer your question and support your claim.

You will be allowed to use the articles from the course, but you must find at least three sources of your own on the databases. Any argumentation built upon sources that are not from the databases will not be tabulated in your grade- no wikipedia, no websites, just the library databases. You will receive a 0 on any assignment that uses sources of that type, without a chance for re-write.

The body of your essay should be 8-10 pages (2000 words or more), MLA format (details at Purdue Online Writing Lab).

Article 1 - Traveling in A- and B- Time by Theodore Sider


Article 2- Time Travel without Causal Loops by Bradley Monton


Article 3 - Time and Stasis in "La Jetée" by Bruce Kawin


Reference no: EM131338864

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