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Below are list of topics. You are required to -

• Select a topic from the list and conduct research (based on literature, at least three recent research papers) and prepare a summary report with brief supportive descriptions to post on the forum/blog. In your posting you should provide information about the topic (discuss the topic, challenges, problems, describe the relevant technologies, applications of the technologies, clarify vague areas, research questions... etc.)

• Provide constructive feedback for (at least two) cohort colleagues and receive feedback from (at least two) cohort colleagues on your own design and make refinements accordingly.

• Raise questions about the information provided by other students (this must be done in an adequately professional manner)

• Respond to questions raised about your own information and other student's

• Contribute to discussions in general

Note that the aim of this task is:

i. to build an understanding and perspective of current hot topics in Information Security; and

ii. to build generic skills including, but not limited to:

o a capacity for teamwork and collaboration;
o an ability for critical thinking, analysis and problem solving;
o information technological literacy;
o a capacity for lifelong learning and an appreciation of its necessity.

As such, the more you contribute in the development of these topics and related discussion the more likely you will score well in this task.

Topics Set

1. US cryptography export restrictions: past, present, and future.

2. Biometrics for authentication: security and privacy implications.

3. Denial of service and distributed denial of service attacks.

4. Malware: past, present and future.

5. Employee privacy and email, WWW, and instant messaging.

6. Security threats to mobile devices and countermeasures.

7. Security threats in cloud computing and preventive methods.

8. Security threats in smart devices.

9. Data Exfiltration.

10. Wireless Network security and preventive methods.

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Reference no: EM13837827

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