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Sports Direct is the UK's leading sports retailer by revenue and operating profit, and the owner of a significant number of world famous sport, fashion and lifestyle brands. The Company supplies a wide range of competitively priced sports and leisure equipment, clothing, footwear and accessories. You as a branch manager of "sports direct"have been asked by your regional manager to communicate in written with your newly hired personnel's for the organization. In your communication you have to address the following objectives.


1: Understand the organizational purpose of the business

2: Understand the nature of the national environment in which business operate

3: Understand the behaviour of organizations in their market environment

4: Be able to assess the significance of the global factors that shape national business


1.1 Identify the purposes of different types of organization

1.2 Describe the extent to which an organization meets the objectives of different stakeholders

1.3 Explain the responsibilities of an organization and strategies employed to meet them


2.1 Explain how economic systems attempt to allocate resources effectively

2.2 Assess the impact of fiscal and monetary policy on business organizations and their activities

2.3 evaluate the impact of competition policy and other regulatory mechanisms on the activities of a selected organization.


3.1 Explain how market structures determine the pricing and output decisions of businesses

3.2 Illustrate the way in which market forces shape organizational responses using a range of examples

3.3 Judge how the business and cultural environments shape the behavior of a selected organization.


4.1 Discuss the significance of international trade to UK business organizations

4.2 Analyze the impact of global factors on UK business organizations

4.3 Evaluate the impact of policies of the European Union on UK business organizations.

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