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Learning outcomes:

1. Understand the conceptual frameworks and complexity of high-performance working (HPW) and its contribution to sustainable organisation performance.

2. Understand the business case for creating a high-performance work organisation (HPWO).

Assessment brief/activity

Your HR Director is to present a report to Senior Management that puts forward a positive business case for introducing high performance working practices into the organisation. She has asked you to make a contribution and requires you to investigate how, from a people management perspective, these practices can aid the achievements of organisational objectives.

In addressing this brief you will need to:

  • analyse conceptual frameworks of HPW
  • identify and explain the key components of HPW
  • evaluate the link between HPW and sustained organisation performance, competitive advantage and employee wellbeing
  • identify and explain the business case for HPWO, including consideration of short and long term objectives and any potential barriers
  • make reference to academic research and literature and to organisation practice.

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Reference no: EM13667353

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