Understand shock to aggregate demand

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1. Why the distinction is important to understand the shock to aggregate demand?

2. Belgian students working in the UK at companies like Starbucks are unhappy with the Brexit vote and transfer their bank balances to Brussels. As a result, there is an increase in the pressure for the Euro to: (Multiple Choice)

a. Depreciate

b. Appreciate

c. Does not change

Reference no: EM131388135

Differences between economies of scale-economies of scope

Explore how a firm determines the optimal scale of a plant for a given rate of output and why this determination relates to longer-run strategies versus current operations. Al

Total compensation-banks spread

In a recent year, a bank earned $12 million in interest on its assets of $177 million, it paid out $8 million in interest on its liabilities (excluding capital) of $172 millio

Wickedly efficient widgets and wildly nepotistic widgets

Two firms, Wickedly Efficient Widgets (WEW) and Wildly Nepotistic Widgets (WNW), produce widgets with the same production function y =K^(1/2) L^(1/2), where K is the input of

The european coal and steal community-double majority

The European Coal and Steal Community (ECSC) is always discussed as the beginning of the rule of law in Europe. What is exactly meant by that expression? Please discuss the pr

Corporations creditors sue brian personally

Brian is the 99% shareholder, president, and director of Arapine Corp. He frequently uses the corporation credit card for his personal expenses. If Arapine is insolvent and un

Indicate whether each of is counted in year GDP

Indicate whether each of the following is counted in this year’s GDP: You bought a new Wii at GameStop last year and resold it on eBay this year. You purchase an “Investing fo

Cash-for-clunkers program

The government of British Columbia has suggested a “cash-for-clunkers” program. Under this program, the government would buy up “clunkers” (older cars that emit a lot of pollu

Saveumoney tax services-how many tax returns

SaveUmoney Tax Services (STS) is a small operation that offers tax services to individuals and small businesses. A local marketing consultant has estimated the weekly demand f


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