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Select a brand,"Crest" and describe the key touch points the customer has with the brand. Please also describe the big idea, or brand message, underpinning the integrated marketing communications (IMC) campaign that has been developed for this brand. What promotional mix has been used in this IMC campaign

Reference no: EM131271113

Discuss vendor relations in lean systems

Discuss vendor relations in lean systems in terms of the following issues. Why are they important? How do they tend to differ from the more adversarial relations of the past?

Compute the total cost of ordering and carrying flour

A bakery buys flour in 25-pound bags. The bakery uses 1215 bags a year. Ordering cost is $10 per order. Annual carrying cost is $75 per bag. Determine the economic order quant

Cognitive information processing pyramid

In chapter one, we are introduced to the Cognitive Information Processing Pyramid. Here we begin to focus on the bottom of the pyramid-(knowing about myself and knowing about

Planning-leading-organizing and controlling

Planning, leading, organizing and controlling (often abbreviated as P.L.O.C.) are regarded as the four (4) functions that form the basic foundations of management. Please disc

Necessary and unnecessary non-value-added activities

Distinguish between necessary and unnecessary non-value-added activities. Explain how you differentiate them. Can a non-value-added activity in some places be considered neces

Marketing ethics and organizational performance

What is the relationship between marketing ethics and organizational performance? What are the elements of a strong ethical compliance program to support responsible marketi

Explain or interpret the regression coefficient

The following regression equation estimates the relationship between the number of cups of hot chocolate sold (H) and number of swimmers (N) at the beach: H=252.8-2.05N R^2= 0

Transitional care services-outpatient treatment and testing

This healthcare organization provides a wide array of services including inpatient services, transitional care services, and outpatient treatment and testing. It shifted from


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