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A random sample of 100 men produced a total of 25 who favored a controversial local issue. An independent random sample of 100 women produced a total of 30 who favored the issue. Assume that pM is the true underlying proportion of men who favor the issue and that pW is the true underlying proportion of women who favor of the issue. If it actually is true that pW = pM = p, find the MLE of the common proportion p.

Reference no: EM131026518

Find the model equation

You decide to develop a regression model using order value, number of products, and location of the retailer as predictors. Find the model equation. Is it significant at α =

What investigate and figure out to complete credit history

Chance that David would default on his loan based on your knowledge about David. At a cost of about $1000, the bank can investigate and figure out David's complete credit hi

Probability that a package of almonds will weigh

The weight of an almond is normally distributed with mean 0.05 ounce and standard deviation of 0.015 ounce. Find the probability that a package of 100 almonds will weigh bet

Find probability students will spend combined total value

These 64 students will spend a combined total of more tahn $715.21? What is the probability that these 64 students will spend a combined total between $703.59 and $728.45?

Calculate a conservative sample size estimate

Suppose that we want to conduct a study to estimate and confirm this rate to identify nodal metastases among breast cancer patients because previous estimates were all based

Find the interval that contains the sppeds of vehicles

Aa mean of 72 mph and a standard deviation of 3 mph. Find the interval that contains the sppeds of 95% of vehicles traveling on this section of i-95.

Compact metric space

If (K, d) is a compact metric space and u ∈ K , show that for any finite M and 0 α ≤ 1, { f ∈ Lip(α, M ): | f (u)|≤ M } is compact for dsup. 2. If S = [0, 1] with its usu

Determining the probability using poisson distribution

Number of rescue calls received by rescue squad in city follows a Poisson distribution with mu = 2.83 per day. Squad can handle at most four calls a day. Determine the proba


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