Under what conditions it reduces to the langmuir isotherm

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Suppose that the adsorbate equation of state is given by z = 1 +ßn, where ß is a function of T only. Find the implied adsorption isotherm, and show under what conditions it reduces to the Langmuir isotherm.

Reference no: EM131171873

Explain lowest standard deviation of measurements

Lowest standard deviation of measurements, As the Quality Control Manager of a chemical company, you are asked to decide between several process methods that are supposed to

Show that the thermal efficiency of this cycle

In an optimum countercurrent exchanger, the temperature of the air leaving the compressor is raised to that of point D in Fig. 8.12, and the temperature of the gas leaving t

Discussing the pros and cons of the process

Machining of composites can be classified as conventional machining and non-traditional machining. Among each category, there are many processes. Describe each of those pro

Estimate the wall temperatures and the heat transfer rate

Estimate the receiver wall temperature and the heat transfer to the ambient air at 25°C. To facilitate use of the free convection correlations with appropriate film temperat

Approximate percentages of the microconstituents

For parts (a), (c), (d), (f), and (h) of Problem 10.20, determine the approximate percentages of the microconstituents that form. (a) Rapidly cool to 250(C (480(F), hold for

Prepare a detailed outline of a procedure to be followed

Mention all instruments (e.g., thermometers, wattmeter, etc.) that the crew should have and identify those that they must monitor closely. Assume that all ingredients were f

Determine the flow rate of the refrigerant and coefficient

The process shown in Figure 6-19 is part of a chiller unit that uses water as the refrigerant. The following data are available: stream 1 is a vapor-liquid mixture at 0.5 ba

Temperature and pressure are introduced to the pipleline

Problem 2: Methane containing 4 mol% N2 is flowing through a pipleline at 105.1 kpa and 22 °C. To check this flow rate, N2 at the same temperature and pressure are introduced


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