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1. Union membership reached its peak:

a. During World War I.

b. During the 1920’s.

c. During the Great Depression.

d. During World War II.

e. After World War II.

2. The generally pro-labor stance that had prevailed in legislation during the Great Depression was reversed by the:

a. Wagner Act.

b. National Labor Relations Act.

c. Norris-LaGuardia Act.

d. Taft-Hartley Act.

e. Repeal of the Landrum-Griffin Act.

3. Under the Taft-Hartley Act, the President of the United States can obtain a court or preventing a strike for 80 days:

a. Automatically and without justification.

b. If the union has engaged in unfair labor practices.

c. If union leaders are suspected of corruption.

d. Only if the production stoppage poses a threat to public safety and welfare.

e. Only if it can be proven that the union is planning to use violence during the strike.

4. In a union shop, workers would:

a. Have to join a union after being hired.

b. Have to join a union before they interview to be hired.

c. Have to join a union owned and directed by the company.

d. Not be allowed to join unions.

e. Not be allowed to change the union once it was selected.

5. Under “right-to-work” laws:

a. No unions are allowed.

b. Only union shops are allowed.

c. Only closed shops are allowed.

d. Only open shops are allowed.

e. Closed shops are allowed only at the employer’s discretion.

6. The AFL-CIO is:

a. A craft union.

b. An industrial union.

c. A union mixed craft and industrial elements.

d. An association of “non-aligned” unions.

e. An association of both craft and industrial unions.

Reference no: EM13696814

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