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For each of the following types of sensory events, provide a step-by step story about how this information is transmitted to the brain.Incorporate all of the key terms at least once. ·You are studying quietly in a coffee shop when you suddenly become away of the music that is played in the background. ·You become dizzy on a Ferris wheel and trip after you get off the ride. ·You touch a hot stove. ·You are blinded by the sunshine and your eyes water while leaving a movie theater. Use ALL of the following terms: ·Pupil ·Lens ·Vitreous humor ·Iris ·Aqueous Humor ·Retina ·Blind Spot ·Rods ·Dark Adaptation ·Light Adaptation ·Cones ·Outer ear ·Eardrum ·Anvil ·Stirrup ·Cochlea ·Skin sense ·Kinesthetic sense ·Vestibular sense ·Equilibrium ·Subliminal stimuli ·Absolute threshold ·Habituation ·Sensory adaptation

Reference no: EM13487998

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