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Your textbook(american popular music, 3rd Edition) discusses over 65 types (or styles) of popular music. Look through your textbook and see how many you can find. Hint: the bold headings and chapter summaries of your book are very helpful, but not all of them fit the criteria. 

List the styles in the submission window in the Assignments tab. Be sure to number them. 

You will receive 2 points for every style of popular music that you list (up to the 100 possible points for the assignment). It's always wise to throw in a few more than 50, to ensure that you get full credit for the assignment. Type this information in the submission window in the Assignments tab. Do not send as an attachment.

Make sure you list styles (Swing), and not times (Swing Era), people (Big Bands), or forms (strophic). Ask yourself on each one: Is this a popular American style? Does it (or did it) make money?

Reference no: EM13220434

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