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DQ1: What types of accounting software does your organization use? What are the benefits and limitations of this software? What is XBRL? How does it affect financial reporting?

DQ2: Why is it important for a company to have an internal control system? What is the difference between a general control and an application control?

Q3. List the typical hardware requirements for an information system. Describe each hardware component and its function in relation to the system. Length 200-to-350 words. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Reference no: EM13755256

Provide criteria for evaluating information technology

Give specific examples of some of the learning outcomes of the course that were reflected. For example, did the organization improve patient safety or provide criteria for

Compute current and long-term liabilities

Approximately what portion of NIKE's net income is paid to the shareholders in the form of dividends each year? Are there other methods that NIKE uses to return cash to shar

Calculate your total percentage return

You purchase 1,000 shares of Spears Grinders, Inc. stock for $45 per share. A year later, the stock      pays a dividend of $1.25 per share, and it sells for $49.

Consider the industrial supply company example

Consider the Industrial Supply Company example (Table 4.4) again. Assume that the company plans to maintain its dividend payments at the same level in 2011 as in 2010. Also

Discuss differences between cash flow and accounting income

1. Discuss differences between cash flow and accounting income and why it is important to use cash flow in making capital budgeting decisions.2. How do companies generate idea

What effect would an increased cost of capital have

What effect would an increased cost of capital have on a firm's future investments? Asbestos, once widely used in manufacturing and construction for its strength, durability,

What is the yield to call

A 30-year maturity, 8% coupon bond paying coupons semiannually is callable in five years at a call price of $1,100. The bond currently sells at a yield to maturity of 7% (3.

Calculate the apr of your investment

Calculating Returns: You bought a stock 3 months ago for $24.87 per share. The stock pays no dividends and is currently priced at $26.35. Calculate the APR of your investmen


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