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1. The type of production layout formats suitable for small batches and large variety of products is which of the following?

A. Fixed-position layout. B. Product-oriented layout

C. Assembly line layout D. Only A and B

E. Job shop.

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2. Texas Seasonings is preparing to build one processing center to serve its four sources of seasonings. The four source locations are at coordinates shown below. Also, the volume from each source is provided. What is the center of gravity?

A) X = 28.125; Y = 31.250. B) X = 22000; Y = 24000. C) X = 27.5; Y = 40. D) X = 28.452; Y = 31.191.

E) None of the above.

Answer questions 3 - 4 based on the following problem:

3. A computer shop sells 250 computers per month. A single work cell produces the computers in the following three operations:

1) the parts are assembled. Time taken = 2 hours.

2) the required software is installed. Time taken = 5 hours.

3) finally the computer is safely packed and labeled for shipping. Time taken = 1 hour. If there are 8 available work hours each day and the shop operates 25 days per month find:

4. The takt time:

A) 40.8 mins. B) 28.8 mins. C) 48.0 mins. 30.0 mins. E) none of the above.

5. How many workers (rounded to the nearest whole number must the company hire? A) 10 workers. B) 17 workers. C) 31 workers. D) 13 workers. E) None of the above.

6. Which of the following variables (s) are not probabilistic in nature?

A) inventory demand. B) demand lead time. C) time to drive to work.

D) print time for each copy of the same report. E) The weight of a 16 ounces cereal box.

7. One of the advantages of simulation is that:

A) managers must generate all of the conditions and constraints for solutions that they want to examine.

B) it always generates a more accurate solution than a mathematical solution would.

C) Simulation models differ for each application thereby increasing its creditability.

D) Simulation runs can produce results over a long time period in a fraction of time..


E) model solutions are transferable to a wide variety of problems.

Reference no: EM13821850

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