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As the text described, when a person's red blood cell count drops, the kidneys receive less oxygen. In response they release erythropoietin, which prompts the bone marrow to make more red blood cells. As the rising number of red blood cells carries more oxygen to the kidneys, they stop releasing the hormone. What type of homeostatic control mechanism are we talking about here?

Reference no: EM132280408

Origin of every single cell in the embryo

Which of the embryos you observed would you investigate further if you were told you had to be able to trace the origin of (fatemap) EVERY SINGLE cell in the embryo? why? If

Individual improve their negotiation skills

How do you think you will be able to apply this information in the workplace? Explain how you use negotiations to successfully problem solve.How can an individual improve th

Challenges faced by public health system

Recognize the two challenges faced by the public health and also discuss how tools and the guidelines of an epidemiological study is applied in finding the answers and strat

Phenotypes were obtained in the f2 generation

In D. melanogaster, the alleles dp+ and dp determine long versus short wings, and e+ and e determine gray versus ebony body. A dihybrid cross was carried out to produce flie

In an ultracentrifuge, will the protein exhibit

A protein has an apparent mass of 800 kD by gel filtration chromatography, but SDS-PAGE shows a single band at a position corresponding to 200 kD. In an ultracentrifuge, wil

Explain is acid rain a problem for plant species and crops

Knowing that acid rain has a pH of 2 - 3 would you conclude that crop species with a narrow soil pH range are in trouble? Explain why, or why not, using scientific reasoning

How to get an estimate of my total body weight

how to get an estimate of my total body weight. full calculation and what the method is called. Also, I have read that D2O IS used in some experiments to calculate tbw in kgs

What protein do you suspect the nurse was referring to

What protein do you suspect the nurse was referring to? How would a deficiency in this protein contribute to edema? What is the difference between the physiology of pitting an


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