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The United States has a diverse population comprised of various cultures that have differing socio-economic conditions and insurance, all of whom are in need of healthcare. External economic and social forces affect healthcare providers' financial viability. In this assignment you will describe these external factors and propose strategies for mitigating their effects.

Action Items

1. Conduct research regarding the following external forces that affect the financial viability of healthcare providers. Begin your research at the Franklin University Library web site:

a) Multiple methods of reimbursement

b) Unemployment

c) Uninsured and under-insured groups

d) Local economy

e) Socio-demographics

f) Health status of the local community

2. Write a 3 to 4-page paper and support your analysis with research using at least two relevant, scholarly resources. In your paper, address the following topics:

a) Analyze the effects that the external forces exert on the financial viability of healthcare providers.

b) Outline strategies for mitigating the impacts of the external forces.

3) Prepare your assignment for submission:

a) Follow all applicable APA Guidelines regarding in-text citations, list of cited references, and document formatting for this paper. Failure to properly cite and reference sources constitutes plagiarism.

b) The title page and reference list are not included in page count for this paper.

c) Proofread your assignment carefully. Improper English grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, or spelling will result in significant point deductions.

Reference no: EM13138197

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