Type of constraints used in terms of degrees of freedom

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Write a representative summary of your work. This should include short statement about:

• Brief problem definition including background

• Method

• Results summary

• Conclusion statement

Highlight anything extra-ordinary (above the basic requirements) that you may have included in the report.


• The geometry of the models being produced should be presented in the report (including neat hand sketches)

• Discuss and explain reasons for the selection of:

• The type of geometry used - i.e. 2D, 3D .etc

• Type of assigned section,

• Specific material properties

• Type of constraints (boundary conditions) used in terms of degrees of freedom, symmetry, etc. and where these should be applied,

• Types of selected loads & boundary conditions, where they should be applied & why,

• Element type selected, also discuss other viable possibilities, advantages & disadvantages of each, also explain the formulation and the cost of using the selected elements.

• The type of seeding used (CAE) and why you selected to have a mesh of that density.

• Techniques used to minimize use of computational resources, e.g. applying symmetry conditions, etc.

Reference no: EM13858240

Explanation of how the values of geometric design parameters

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