Two significant trading countries in the apbr

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Length: 3,000 words

Submission method options

EASTS (online)

Alternative submission method


 Students should select an essay topic from either of the two following options

Option 1:

Select two significant trading countries in the APBR.  Compare these countries from the point of view of their relative size, population, natural resources, social structure and politic and business practices.

Explain what has taken place in trade between these two countries in the last thirty years and clearly state reasons why this trade has developed in this time.

Option 2:

Australia is often referred to as a “multicultural society”. What does this mean?  How has it influenced Australia’s development in the last thirty years?

Choose two countries in the APBR and discuss Australia’s relationship with them during this period.


The essay assignment is designed to assess your understanding of the importance of globalisation, of religious mores, and of important regional trade and investment treaties tot he political economy of the Asia Pacific Region.

Marking criteria

An overall high quality of work is expected, showing clear development of ideas; correct use of APA style referencing and presentation of supporting information; suitable academic style and tone of writing, error free text and grammar. In line with the University's policy on plagiarism, any and all copying of other people's work will incur the most severe penalties. Any suspected plagiarism will be forwarded directly to the Head of School to be dealt with via formal channels.

Further information on the APA referencing style is available at:

Content 40% 

 - description of terms (definition/detail)

 - analysis of how things are related (explanation)


Coherence/cogency of argument 30% 

 - logical

 -  no contradictions

 - degree/accuracy of detail

 - relevance of information/argument


Style and Structure 20% 

 - format – introduction, context, discussion of issues, analysis, conclusions.

 - presentation (margin, font size and spacing)

 - expression/sentence construction/grammar

 - spelling


 - Bibliography/references 10% 

 - quotations/paraphrasing

 - method of citation (consistency/accuracy)

 - bibliography/reference list (consistency/accuracy)



Students need to submit in EASTS and Turnitin website.

Reference no: EM13340050

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