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Using this assignment prompt below, find at least two recent news articles on an unethical behavior within the last five years. Write a one-two page paper. There are no right or wrong answers.

Assignment Prompt

You have recently taken on the job of the manager at Pizza Hut. Your location hasn't been doing very well and your boss hired you to take on the job of fixing it up. Complaints are everywhere on social media. "There was a hair in my pizza." "I called and no one answered." "I called and the phone rang like 22 times before someone answered." "They forgot my bread sticks --AGAIN!" "I would say that this pizza is too expensive for what you get."

You have a team of about 20 people that fall into three categories. Assistant managers, cooks, and drivers. You have been asked by your District Manager to come up with three goals for your location. In order to ensure that everyone is working towards the location's goals you have to create goals for each role.

In summary, your boss wants a short memo informing him of your goals, and the goals of each of the roles at your location. Your goals must be specific, measurable, and challenging.

Reference no: EM132280054

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