Two long straight wires are parallel

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Two long straight wires are parallel and 7.8 cm apart. Theyare to carry equal currents such that the magnetic field at a pointhalfway between them has magnitude 350 µT. How much current(in A) is needed?

Reference no: EM13563894

Find the maximum attainable speed of the car

A futuristic design for a car is to have a large disklike flywheel within the car storing kinetic energy. The flywheel has mass 370 kg with a radius of 0.50 m and can rotate

At what frequency will the fuse burn out

A 58.0 %u03BCF capacitor is connected to a generator operating at a low frequency. The rms voltage of the generator is 5.00 V and is constant. at what frequency will the fus

Determine how fast is the object moving

Sonar is used to determine the speed of an object. A 40-kHz signalis sent out, and a 42-kHz signal is returned. Assume the speed of sound is 345 m/s. How fast is the object

Skaters pull themselves along the pole until they meet

Two skaters, one with mass 69 kg and the other by mass 39 kg, stand on an ice rink holding a pole of length 12 m and negligible mass. Starting from the ends of the pole, the s

Determine how large a cargo can it lift

A spherical balloon has a radius of12.5m, and is filled with helium. How large a cargo can it lift, assuming that the skin and structure of the balloon have a mass of600kg

Monochromatic light has one wavelength

Monochromatic light has one wavelength. Fluorescent lights are a source of coherent light. Destructive interference occurs when two waves differ in phase by 180 degrees. A pha

Find angular velocities to be same tangential velocities

For satellites to be in synchronous orbits with Earth, should their linear (tangential) velocities, or their angular velocities be equal to Earth's surface value? Provide an

Find out the current in the rods

Two rigid rods are oriented parallel to each other and to the ground. The rods carry the same current in the same direction. The length of each rod is 0.90m, and the mass of e


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