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Two investment opportunities are as follows:

For A: First cost = $150, Uniform annual benefit = 25, End-of-useful-life salvage value = 20, Useful life = 15 years

For B: First cost = $100, Uniform annual benefit = 22.25, End-of-useful-life salvage value = 0, Useful life = 10 years

At the end of 10 years, Alt. B is not replaced. Thus, the comparison is 15 years of A versus 10 years of B. If the MARR is 10%, which alternative should be selected?

Reference no: EM131000900

Competitiveness of an industry or business entity

The research paper will analyze the market structure and competitiveness of an industry or business entity.  The paper will encompass the following required components:

Find the equilibrium allocation of labor to each sector

Consider an economy that produces food and cloth. Food is produced using land and labor. Cloth is produced using capital and labor. Initially, the world price of food and the

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In an effort to help recover some financial losses due to the economic crisis of the Great Recession, Bank of America announced a $ 5 monthly debit card fee it was planning to

Estimator of the cointegrating coefficient is consistent

If two variable Xt and Yt are cointegrated, then the OLS estimator of the cointegrating coefficient is consistent. However, the OLS estimator has a nonnomal distribution, to h

Consider competitive market for apartments

Consider a competitive market for apartments, What would be the effect on the equilibrium output and price after the following changes (other things held equal), In each case,

Trade depends on characteristics of labor migrants

The impact of labor migration on patterns of international trade depends on the characteristics of the labor migrants. In which cases might migration expand trade? World incom

Implemented an activity-based costing system

Jones Manufacturing Company makes two products. The company’s budget includes $486,680 of overhead. In the past, the company allocated overhead based on estimated total direct

What is the corporations after-tax dividend yield

Your corporation has a marginal tax rate of 40% 70% of dividends received our excludable from Texas the corporations before text David in yield is 15% what is the corporations


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