Two firms are planning their marketing strategies

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Two firms are planning their marketing strategies.

Firm K can earn $35 million in profits from strategy S if firm L responds with strategy P, and $7.5 million in profit from S if L responds with strategy Q. Firm K can follow strategy T, which returns $26 million if firm L responds with strategy P and $5 million if L responds with strategy Q.

Firm L’s potential profits would be $10 million and $18 million from strategy P, depending on whether firm K implements strategy S or T. Firm L’s profits from strategy Q would be $14 million or $12 million depending on whether firm K follows strategy S or T.

a. Construct the payoff table.                                                                                   

b. Does either firm have a dominant strategy? Dominated? Is there a stable equilibrium?

Reference no: EM13869344

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