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Please take a look below at the two companies' financial ratios. Use the material your learned in the chapter to try and identify the industries these two companies operate in. You are going to be graded on the quality of your analysis and arguments (e.g. this ratio indicates that... and that ratio indicates the other,... and taken together these ratios indicate that.... (and so forth)) : Company A

P/E Ratio: 30

Price/Sales: 6

Price/Book Value of Equity: 7.5

Profit Margin: 20%

Operating Margin: 25%

Return on Assets (ROA): 6%

Return On Equity (ROE): 25%

Current Ratio: 3

Company B

P/E Ratio: 17

Price/Sales: 0.6

Price/Book Value of Equity: 3

Profit Margin: 3%

Operating Margin: 5%

Return on Assets (ROA): 7%

Return On Equity (ROE): 15%

Current Ratio: 1

Reference no: EM132280614

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