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A custom-made product is produced by processing materially sequentially through four departments. To process material, department #1 requires .5 hours per unit, department #2 requires .6 hours per unit, department #3 requires .2 hours per unit, and department #4 requires .5 hours per unit.

If the original order is processed in three batches of 100 units each, how many hours will pass before the first unit of each of the first two batches is completed and ready for shipment? (Hint: splitting and overlapping of these three batches is taking place; determine the completion time for the first piece of the first batch of 100 units, then the completion time of the first piece of the second batch of 100 units).

A. 50.0 hours, and 180.0 hours B. 150.5 hours, and 210.5 hours C. 130.5 hours, and 190.5 hours D. 110.0 hours, and 170.5 hours E. none of the above

Reference no: EM131369795

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