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A production line has three machines A, B, and C, with reliabilities of .99, .87, and .88, respectively. The machines are arranged so that if one breaks down, the others must shut down. Engineers are weighing two alternative designs for increasing the line’s reliability. Plan 1 involves adding an identical backup line, and plan 2 involves providing a backup for each machine. In either case, three machines (A, B, and C) would be used with reliabilities equal to the original three. a. Compute the reliability of the machines. (Round your intermediate calculations and final answer to 4 decimal places.) Reliability Machine A Machine B Machine C

Reference no: EM131229405

Aware of the legal requirements of staffing systems

Determine the factors needed to get individual managers to be more aware of the legal requirements of staffing systems and to take steps to ensure that they themselves engag

Employment opportunity commission

In Equal Employment Opportunity Commission v. Consolidated Service System, the defendant was a janitorial firm owned by a Korean immigrant and staffed mostly with Korean immig

Find shortest route and distance from node one to node seven

The following represents the distances in miles from a warehouse (node 1) to various cities in Montana. The major outlet store is located at node 7 From Node To Node Distance

Identify the factors that can influence adoption of e-Health

Name four major types of telemedicine and provide some applications of each. Refer to "Estate Tax." Provide a summary and reflection of the article. Identify the factors that

What is group and team decision making

What is group and team decision making? What is the advantages and disadvantages and how could it be more effectively managed. Give examples you have seen of firms that are ou

How many tickets should northwest book on its flight

In addition, it must provide those passengers with alternative transportation on another carrier (the cost of providing the alternative transportation just wipes out the $60

Make the recommendation between these two countries

You are the CEO of a large company seeking to invest in either Central or South America and have directed your staff to prepare a report and recommendations. Two of the countr

Probability distribution is important in quality control

Briefly discuss why Probability Distribution is important in Quality Control. Include specific examples relating to either manufacturing, construction, electronics, education,


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