Two alleles determine flower color in the plant datura

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Two alleles determine flower color in the plant Datura:P determine purple and p white. The P locus is on the smallestchromosme, number 3. In plants trisomic for this chromosme, n + 1pollen is never functional. Assume that P is close to thecentromere (therefore no crossing-over). What is the expected ratioof purple: white in the offspring of the following crosses?
   a) Ppp females * pp male
   b) PPp female * PPp male

Reference no: EM13530149

What is the genotype associated with each flower color

A cross between two plants that both have yellow flowers produces 80 offspring plants, of which 38 have yellow flowers, 22 have red flowers, and 20 have white flowers.

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In maize the genes Pl for purple leaves (dominant over green leaves); sm for salmon silk ( recessive for yellow silk) and py for pigmy plant (recessive to normal size) are o

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If the frequency of the dominant allele for hitchhiker's thumb (T) is 70% in a population, what are the predicted genotype frequencies for that trait in that population?

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A client was admitted to the hospital with hypertension. The development of arteriosclerosis associated with hypertension has further increased resistance to blood flow, wor

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Pyrethrum is an African plant that develops daisy-like flowers with white petals and yellow centers. The chemical pyrethrin is produced in large amounts in the flower buds.

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Suppose that you are given a mixture of proteins that you examine by standard 2-D electrophoresis, with the following results for isoelectric points and apparent molecular wei

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Animals always want to get the most from their resources by increasing the surface area throughout their organ systems. Please cite five examples and how it does this.


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