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"Turning to a Market Economy"  Please respond to the following: 

Many developing countries in the "Global South" turned to socialism in the past as a means to solve their economic problems. Now, in the light of the evident failure of socialism, many of these countries seek to create fast growth through the establishment of "market economies."

  • Using the country you researched in the e-Activity, identify which of the five market economy policies the country appears to be following. Explain how you reached this conclusion.
  • Speculate about the likelihood of success of achieving a prosperous market economy for the country you researched.
  • Explain which of the policies is most effective and least effective for the country you researched? Provide a rationale with your answer.

"Current Events - the Rich and the Poor"  Please respond to the following: 
Select a country in the Global South that has been in the news recently.

  • Describe the country's stage of economic development.
  • Is the country trying to establish a market economy? If so, identify the policy or policies the country is pursuing to achieve it. If not, explain why not.
  • What are your predictions for the future of the country over the next 5 to 10 years?


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