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In which generation do you believe the true start of technology started to integrate itself? For example, we see the use of factories before the 19th century, which is decades before this generation. So what makes you think the reason for Baby Boomers have aversion to newer technology? Is it because they are more rigid and strict on using only what they have grown up with? Or what do you believe the cause of this rigidity is?

Reference no: EM131228592

Decide between two location alternatives

A firm is trying to decide between two location alternatives, Albany and Baltimore. Albany would result in annual fixed costs of $60,000, labor costs of $7 per unit, material

What style of leadership is most effective in organization

Write a 400 word count dicussion on this topic. Please answer all three questions below thoroughly. Any sources need to be properly cited in APA form all sources must be s

Compute order quantity that will maximize aspenwears profit

Compute the order quantity that will maximize AspenWear's expected profit and compare the two quantities (the one computed above plus the current rule) in terms of the followi

What is the inventory turnover for the hamburger patties

The McDonald's fast-food restaurant on campus sells an average of 3,500 quarter-pound hamburgers each week. Hamburger patties are resupplied twice a week, and on average the s

Option of investing in product

You have the option of investing in product A or product B or choosing to not invest. You estimate there is a 40% chance you will have an unfavorable market and 60% chance it

Prepare time-phased production structure for the bracket

You are the manager at Sampson Products has a bracket that is made of a base, 2 springs, and 4 clamps. The base is assembled form one clamp and two housings. Each clamp has on

Use of fluoride in toothpaste to prevent cavities.

One state legislature was taking up a measure to ban the use of fluoride in toothpaste to prevent cavities. Said one state senator, "Everyone knows that fluoride is poison. Do

Eventual zombie attack and viral infection

What sort of training and exercises would you go through to help prepare your team for the eventual zombie attack and viral infection? Also, how would you maintain order in


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