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Explain Mendel's laws in terms of what happens to loci and alleles during sexual reproduction (meiosis & syngamy). Include a simple diagram of chromosomes in meiosis. [Hints: show why independent assortment is true for loci on different chromosomes, and why it's sometimes, but not always, true for loci on the same chromosome. You don't need to draw all the stages of meiosis, just enough to show crossing over, independent assortment, and linkage.]

Reference no: EM132280118

Describe the difference between a tumor suppressor gene

1. Describe the difference between a tumor suppressor gene, a proto-oncogene, and an oncogene. Provide an example of each. 2. Cervical cancer is mainly caused by human papill

Problem regarding the series of multiple alleles

Plumage in ducks is determined to some extent by a series of multiple alleles named restricted (MR = white on the wing fronts), mallard (M = wild type), and dusky (md = dark

Relationship between fractured leg-pulmonary hemorrhaging

A recent headline on the sports page of the newspaper read, "Football player dies awaiting leg surgery." The player was expected to be sidelined for a matter of weeks with a

Background material for an upcoming discussion

The goal of this assignment is to write an informative essay which will be used as background material for an upcoming discussion of the company's strategic priorities. You

What is the energy of activation for the reverse reaction

For a given reaction, G = -4 kcal/mole and the energy of activation for the uncatalyzed reaction = 5 kcal/mole. You add an enzyme, after which the activation energy falls to

Describe the ocean role in poleward heat transport

Speculate on how higher sea surface temperatures (SST) might impact Earth's greenhouse effect. Describe the ocean's role in poleward heat transport. How do the subtropical ant

Vaccine to protect humans

Scientists developed a vaccine to protect humans from the H1N1 virus, which caused 17,000 deaths in 2009. Which of the following persons would most likely contract the H1N1

Characterized by periods of remission and exacerbation

A client is admitted to the hospital with exacerbationof multiple sclerosis (MS). She asks the nurse,"Why did thishave to happen to me again? I was doing so well." Explain why


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