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Sustainability is often called a Triple Bottom Line of economic, environmental, social performance. Note that sustainability, and particularly the social dimension, is a continually important issue. Use the material on your organization, and any other resources you think appropriate to analyze the social dimension of sustainability at YOUR organization; this dimension will involve not only its internal human resources practices, but relations in its communities as well. Remember to focus on YOUR organization. In particular address the three areas most neglected in studies of sustainability:

1) For YOUR organization, ss there truly some definitive relationship among the social, economic, and environmental dimensions?

2) How does YOUR organization measure social performances? What specific indices are appropriate?

3) Are there actions that YOUR organization has or can take to improve performance on all three dimensions together?
Then address two more questions:

4) What ETHICAL principles or ideas might be especially relevant in regard to the FACTUAL questions above?

5) How could ethical leaders use the answers to ALL the questions above to improve sustainability? Be very specific.

Reference no: EM131050801

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