Treynor ratio of a correctly-valued portfolio

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The U.S. Treasury bill is yielding 1.85 percent and the market has an expected return of 7.48 percent. What is the Treynor ratio of a correctly-valued portfolio that has a beta of 1.33 and a variance of .0045?


Reference no: EM131317333

What would be present value of her deferred annuity

What would be the present value of her deferred annuity - How much must Mary's deposits be each year in order to pay half of Beth's tuition at the beginning of each school eac

Determine the value of stock

Medtrans is A profitable company that is not paying a dividend on its common stock. James Weber, an analyst for A. G. Edwards, believes that Medtrans will begin paying a $1.00

What is the expected return of investing in company a

1. Company A has a beta of 2.77. Company B has a beta of .73. Company C has a beta of .90. The risk free rate is 6% and the market risk premium is 4%. What is the expected ret

Set up a wiki for a class project or campus organization

Take the lead to structure the site, post initial content, and encourage everyone to participate. If you have already used wikis with teams, try a different site (e.g., Wigg

Computation of npv of lump sum future receipt

Computation of NPV of lump sum future receipt and annuity receipts also How much should Mr. & Mrs. Smith deposit now in a bank account paying 9 percent to reach financial hap

How much will you invest in the risk-free asset

Asset Investment Beta Stock A $ 149,000 0.94 Stock B $ 131,000 1.39 Stock C 1.54 Risk-free asset How much will you invest in Stock C? How much will you invest in the risk-fr

Compute the incremental income after taxes

Johnson Electronics is planning extending trade credit to some customers previously considered poor risks. Sales would increase by $100,000 if credit is extended to these new

Problem regarding the holding period return

John purchased 100 shares of Black Forest Inc. stock of at a price of  $156.33 three months ago. He sold all stocks today for  $156.82. During this period the stock paid div


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