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1. Assume that you are the supply chain manager for a producer of expensive, high-tech computer components. Identify the most suitable method(s) of transporting your product in terms of cost, transit time, reliability, capability, accessibility, and traceability. Now, assume you are the supply chain manager for a producer of milk. How does this change your choice of transportation?

2. Decide which distribution intensity level—intensive, selective, or exclusive—is used for the following products, and why: Piaget watches, Land Rover sport utility vehicles, M & M’s, special edition Barbie dolls, Crest toothpaste.

Reference no: EM13962451

What is the nature of management

Do leaders exert power and influence in similar ways with all their group members or is there evidence for individualized power assertions targeting individuals in unique dy

The canned fruits are sold

The canned fruits are sold at $50/ton to the distributors. The objective is to find the best mixture of the quantities supplied by the three growers to the two plants so that

What is the throughput time for average product

Finishing a product takes 4 processes: Process 1 takes 5 minutes and has 5 machines Process 2 takes 8 minutes and has 2 machines Process 3 takes 3 minutes and has one machine

Non-compete agreements are governed by federal law

Non-compete agreements are governed by federal law. The 1964 Civil Rights Act was passed the year after the historic March on Washington led by the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther

Suppose you made special motor cycles

suppose you made special motor cycles. which manufacturing processes would you use to produce this product? pick any two processes and explain why each one of them could be us

Create goodness of fit test analysis

A survey performed by Simmons Market Research investigated the percentage of individuals in various age groups who indicated they were willing to pay more for

What is another word for an alphanumeric data type

What is another word for an alphanumeric data type? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the electric car? How can the disadvantages be overcome through innovation? Ex

How many surgeries must be performed on average per day

A hospital only provides care to hernia patients. Each patient spends 4 nights at the hospital. This includes preparation of the patient before the hernia surgery and recovery


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