Personalized Cancer Therapy-A step forward
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The aim of this paper is to discuss the current status of personalised cancer therapy, molecular tests used to optimise these therapies, the influence and challenges of DNA sequencing in personalised treatments and the commercial business opportunities.

This project reports describes about personalized Cancer therapy in following tabs:-

1.      An Introduction

2.      Current status of Personalized Cancer Therapies

·         Research and Developments

·         Discovery of genetic material

·         Progression of coding of genes

·         Genetic predispositions

3.      Molecular tests commonly used to Optimistic Cancer Therapy

·         IHC ( Immuno Histo Chemistry ) Test

·         FISH ( Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization ) Test

·         Gene Expression analysis

·         DNA sequencing by PCR

4.      Impact and impediments of DNA sequencing

·         Need of peer group involvement

·         Social and ethical barriers in DNA sequencing

·         Economic considerations

·         Legal issues

5.      Business opportunities

6.      Conclusion

7.      References

In conclusion, cancer has become a poster figure for personalised medicine where genetic and molecular profiling of this complex disease have changed the  traditional approach of trial and error and one size fits all and the era of personalised cancer therapies are fast taking over

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