Supporting Investment Promotion: ERNST & YOUNG
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This project report will guide you to understand the principal factors considered by companies while evaluating potential destinations for setting up industry units. The Knowledge Partnership will help the state take a targeted approach to create investment opportunities in specific sectors, such as automotive manufacturing, IT and IT enabled services. This project report inculcates:

1.      Executive summary

2.      Objectives of the study

3.      Company Profile

  • Ernst & Young at a glance
  • Customers of the Company
  • An introduction to Ernst & Young
  • About Ernst & Young India
  • Business of the Company
  • Market Share of Ernst & Young
  • National and International Awards
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • SWOT analysis

4.      Introduction to the Project

  • Supporting Private Sector Investment Promotion
  • Introduction to Ceramics Industry

5.      Chapter 1. Overview- Ceramic & Glass Industry

  • International
  • National: India

6.      Chapter 2. Raw Materials

  • Raw Material required and availability of Ceramics

7.      Chapter 3. Market Opportunities, Challenges with particular references in India

  • Opportunities
  • Issues faced by the industry
  • Recommendations

8.      Chapter 4. Working Methodology

9.      Other Analysis made during the project

10.  Recommendations

11.  Limitations

12.  Learning

13.  Appendixes

14.  Bibliography

15.  Webliography

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