Transportation and management
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Transportation and Management subcategorized under Operations management. This report covers all the relevant essentials of transportation and its management. It covers all the stuff in following heads:-

1.      Procurement route

  • Design and Build
  • Design build finance and operate
  • Emerging cost concepts
  • Engineering cost contracts
  • Engineering Procurement and construction Contract (EPC)
  • Engineering Procurement & Construction management contract (EPCM)
  • Furniture fixtures & equipment
  • Framework agreements
  • Measured term Contracts
  • Partnering
  • Traditional Contract

2.      Standard Formats of Contract

3.      Standard Forms in Contract Management

  • CIOB contract for use with complex projects.
  • FIDIC forms of contract
  • ICC forms of contract
  • ICE conditions of contract
  • IChemE forms of engineering contracts
  • JCT standard terms of Building contract
  • NCE contracts

4.      Amendments in standard forms of contracts.

5.      Proposal for construction phase of Ivel Bridge-Description

6.      References

It deals with contracting, purchasing and negotiating frankly with the source of supply (Hughes, Hillebrandt, Greenwood & Kwawu, 2006). Along with this, the procurement route is appropriate for the overall balance of objectives and client priorities for each project. A suitable procurement method involves: time, complexity, quality, cost, flexibility and risk. 

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