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Write a C# program that uses a class called Business that accepts the buying price, transport cost and selling price of an item and then computes the profit or loss made on the item. When giving the output, the program should be specific if it was a profit or loss that was made. The class should have a constructor that initializes buying price, selling price and transport cost to specified values and a default constructor that initializes these values to 0.

Reference no: EM131063806

Allocate sufficient support and resources

What the key risks to a health care organization that fails to allocate sufficient support and resources to a newly implemented health care information system. Propose one (

How long does it take before the time out value

How long does it take before the Time Out value, as calculated by the Jacobson/Karels algorithm, falls below 300? Assume initial Deviation value of 25; use δ = 1/8.

Business continuity planning and disaster recovery planning

Imagine that you are trying to receive funding for select planning projects. Compare and contrast the attributes of business continuity and disaster recovery plans, and sugges

Determine the relative accuracy of her pacing method

A surveying student walked along a 300-ft line on level ground five times and counted 122, 121, 102, 123, and 121.5 paces each time, from the beginning to the end of the lin

Create a practical block diagram for a differential encoding

Create a practical block diagram for a differential encoding and decoding system. Explain how the system works by showing the encoding and decoding for the sequence 00111101

Quality utilizing the electronic health record

Final Paper will focus on a particular main theme or topic related to current and future requirements for the Electronic Health Record and its impact on health care delivery

What is the cardinality of the floats

Is it possible to implement a function that maps 32-bit integers to 64-bit integers that has a well-defined inverse? Do all functions from 32-bit integers to 64-bit integers

Project management framework

1) Define what the project management framework is and explain what pieces make up the framework. What are the processes and framework? What is the purpose of having a frame


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