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An ac generator provides emf to a resistive load in a remote factory over a two-cable transmission line. At the factory a step-down transformer reduces the voltage from its (rms) transmission value Vt to a much lower value that is safe and convenient for use in the factory. The transmission line resistance is 0.34 Ω/cable, and the power of the generator is 284 kW. If Vt = 110 kV, what are (a) the voltage decrease ΔV along the transmission line and (b) the rate Pd at which energy is dissipated in the line as thermal energy? If Vt = 8.1 kV, what are (c) ΔV and (d) Pd? If Vt = 0.91 kV, what are (e) ΔV and (f) Pd?

Reference no: EM131085314

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