Translating research questions into hypotheses

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Translating research questions into hypotheses

Translate each of the following research questions into appropriate H0 and Ha.

(a) Census Bureau data show that the mean household income in the area served by a shopping mall is $62,500 per year. A market research ?rm questions shoppers at the mall to ?nd out whether the mean household income of mall shoppers is higher than that of the general population.

(b) Last year, your company's service technicians took an average of 2.6 hours to respond to trouble calls from business customers who had purchased service contracts. Do this year's data show a different average response time?

Reference no: EM131011763

Difference between left tail-two-tailed and right tailed

Explain the difference between a left tail, two-tailed, and right tailed text. When would we choose a two tailed test? How can we tell the direction by looking at a pair of

Correlation between two events

Research has shown that the people often see a correlation between two events when one does not really exist. Why do you think this happens?

Quantitative analysis for statistical data-evaluate results

This is a quantitative analysis paper that looks at statistical data and evaluates the results. What are you trying to find? Where did you find your data? How did you get yo

The sample covariance matrix

where si is the ith diagonal element of S, and consequently correlation loadings are the same for both XTX and S. Show also that XTX and S possess the same standardized PC sco

Create an access form that has an interactive component

Create a PowerPoint presentation, it should include data from the reports you created as well as recommendations for how best to address the length of wait times in the ER.

A test for esp

In a test for ESP (extrasensory perception), the experimenter looks at cards that are hidden from the subject. Each card contains either a star, a circle, a wave, or a squar

What is the probability that at least two men arrive

What is the probability that at least two men arrive before the second woman arrives and what is the probability that six fishes bite during the first two hours and what is th

Extent of european influence in the middle east

Describe the state Ottoman Empire before War World One. If the Ottoman Empire had remained neutral would the mandate system have been established? What was the extent of Eu


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