Transformational leadership theory and leader-member theory

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What are the strengths and weakness of transformational leadership theory and leader-member theory (LMX)? How might your knowledge of the LMX theory help you to become a better leader?

Reference no: EM13965894

Explain the optimization to elementary

Please explain the "Optimization" to elementary school students. This answer is for people who don’t know technical terms and don’t have the knowledge about the optimization,

Osha issued emergency temporary standards

For which substances has OSHA issued Emergency Temporary Standards? Why are retailers becoming more stringent about monitoring safety in Bangladesh factories? What approach ar

What is the average service rate per minute

The Madrid Mist outlet store at Chiswell Mills sells discount luggage and does most of its daily business in the evening between the hours of 6 and 9 p.m. What is the average

Major categories of strategic alliances

Identify and give examples of the four (4) major categories of strategic alliances-product or service alliances, where one company licenses its product, two companies jointly

After researching air cargo security regulations

After researching air cargo security regulations (along with other safety and security topics) from the organizations and resources presented in this module, list and describe

What is the total productivity

Average costs to patients (Med Lab revenues) is $124 for Med Lab services. Labor costs average $18 per patient, materials average $32, outsource expenses average $19 per patie

Consider the calendar game

The game starts on January 1st. Each player must take turns to choose either any later day within the same month or the same day in a later month. (Except you are never allowe

Diversification into international markets

How would you describe Wal-Mart’s international strategy leading up to its acquisition of Massmart in Africa? What has Wal-Mart learned from its experiences in Germany, Japan,


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