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Using Deming's 1987 article, "Transformation of Today's Management," address the following:

Explain some or all the principles proposed in his 14 Points for Management apply to the candidate processes you identified for your assignment in this unit. Explain why. What additional information would you need to better understand the process?

Reference no: EM13843835

Explain the concept of reverse logistics

Explain how the factor rating model can be used to help a firm understand the most critical variables associated with location decisions. Provide an example to support your

Business process for registering for classes at university

Describe in very general terms the as-is business process for registering for classes at university. Evaluate the process using activity elimination. Based on your work list s

Variable in the macro environment

Which one of the following is NOT a variable in the macro environment? Airlines know that if there is a global shortage of fuel, their ticket prices have to increase to accomm

Find the economic order quantity and total annual cost

Super K Beverage Company distributes a soft drink that has a constant annual demand rate of 4,600 cases. A 12-pack case of the soft drink costs Super K $2.25. Ordering costs a

Imagine an interactive computer tool

Can you imagine an interactive computer tool that would allow a large group (say, 20 or more people) to participate in the concept selection process? How might such a tool wor

Organizations mission and vision statement

We frequently hear of an organization's mission and vision statement, but value statements are not as popularized. Tell me, in your own words, what a value statement is and te

Acceptance differ from a trade acceptance

How does a banker's acceptance differ from a trade acceptance? What are some of the considerations in terms of location of manufacturing and creation of manufacturing networks

What are the four types of e-business models

What are the four types of e-business models? Compare and contrast. For Organizations, what are the different methods of accessing information? What are differences between th


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