Transferring of t-lymphocytes in graft versus host disease

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Transfer of the immunologically competent T-lymphocytes from a donor into host expression different MHC antigens can have severe consequences, causing a fatal syndrome known as graft versus host disease (GVH). The following table explores a ran model of GVH, it displays the minimum number of parental strain t- cells which cause fatal GVH in sevearl treatment groups of F1 hybrid off spring derived from mating of two MHC different strain, a and b.



Minimum number of A or B strain t- cells which cause lethal GVH in the AxB F1 106



(A X B) F1 hosts age and treatment

Strain A T cells

Strain B t cells


Intreated new born F1




Untreated adult f1




Adult F1 given 300 rad irradiation or an anti - proliferative drug




Adult F1 immunized with 10 of the strain parental t - cells and then irradiated as in group 3




Adult F1 immunized with 107 a strain t- cells taken from donors that had previously been made tolerant to MHC of B, and then irradiated as in group 3.



Give a mechanistic explanation for finding which is consistent with all the data. Describe your answer with reasoning.

Reference no: EM1315004

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