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The disengaged worker

When training a group of employees, often the challenge for the trainer is guaranteeing the key messages are becoming through to everyone. In larger groups it's not always easy keeping everyone engaged, and too often, one or two of the personnel are simply not paying attention. In the long run, you have a roster piece packed with employee signatures to show that they've considered the training, "but how do you know they were actually trained? As a group, discuss the following topics:

1. When training a grouping of personnel, what are some of the physical indicators that let you know whether or not a group is no longer receptive?

2. What can you do as trainer when you notice the staff attention cover is waning?

3. List the key reason why staff may well not be involved in a training session.

4. As a trainer, list the several methods you can use to facilitate an effective group training session.

5. What are the key dissimilarities between a training period and a lecture?

6. How important is it to "train the trainer??

7. What is the KEY takeaway your group has learned using this case study?

Reference no: EM131067679

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