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1. Discuss the trade-off between product quality and price in traditional and online retailing.

2. Consider dynamic pricing strategies and their impact on profit. Explain why dynamic pricing provides significant profit benefit over (the best) fixed-price strategy as

    1. Available capacity decreases.

    2. Demand uncertainty increases.

    3. Seasonality in demand pattern increases.

3. Discuss how supply chain management decisions impact the ability to excel in certain dimensions. Specifically, consider

     1. Conformance to requirements.
     2. Product selection.
     3. Price and brand.
     4. Value-added services.
     5. Relationships and experiences.

4. What is the dominant customer value the following companies bring?
     1. Starbucks
     2. The Gap

5. What additional experience opportunities does the Internet enable?

6. What measures would you use in a business like to evaluate the company's performance? The supply chain?

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Reference no: EM13847608

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