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Your team attends a trade conference on the subject of globalization. They have attended several seminars both advocating and dismissing implementing a global strategy. You return to the office and share some of what you have learned with the team.

"Globalization is a very interesting topic and can get very heated," you explain. "There are some countries and companies who are fiercely loyal to their homes and would not consider going global. Others see it as a benefit to the company and their customers. Some people here in the states believe that American-made is best because we are contributing to our home country. But, is it? Is it always best to stay domestic? How does this impact pricing? Are you truly helping?"

As your team ponders these questions, you start to think about your position on the topic. Complete the following:

  • Are you for or against globalization?
  • Is your recommendation for your company to go global? Why or why not?
  • How does globalization impact the marketplace as a whole?
  • Has your opinion changed from the beginning of the course to now?

Reference no: EM131004407

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