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1. Based on your comprehensive market research, and strategy and brand design, role out a comprehensive market plan for two new markets that infatuate the identified target market, build lifestyle enrichment, and brand recognition. Include:

  • You should have determined the most popular service lines for your hospital that are economically and socially appropriate.
  • Create a list of services you currently have and the new ones you plan to introduce.
  • Determine a response tracking system to track customers responses to the new service lines.
  • Identify your marketing mediums. Some services will need to be marketed using a small, targeted approach. Other services will respond better to broad marketing efforts. TV and Radio ads are usually very expensive, while Internet advertising is usually cheaper and more effective depending on the target audience. Large billboards have also become popular for healthcare marketing. Marketing materials should be relevant, culturally sensitive, and language appropriate for the new markets.
  • Design an initial press release for the new markets

Complete Project -  Should include in order:

1. Cover Sheet with Name, Proposed Market Plan, Date, Company Name

2. List of products/services you currently provide and new ones you plan to introduce

3. Design of a response tracking system to track customer responses to the new service or product line

4. Marketing mediums - what marketing efforts such as TV, Radio, billboards, word of mouth, public service announcements, etc will you use and why.

5. Press Release - design an initial press release to announce the new markets and product/service

Reference no: EM131062351

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