Track of each customer''s workout routine on any given day

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1. Create one new table to keep track of each customer's workout routine on any given day.  The table will need to be designed to record each customer performing at least one exercise on any given date and time.  A customer will likely have several records per day.  The actual details of the design will be left to you.  All fields must be atomic and each record must contain enough information to adequately report on a customer's workout routine.   Also, remember that each record must have a unique identifying field.

2. You must create relationships between all four tables in your database. In the case of this new table, your grade will be based on your naming convention (how you name the table), the structure of the table (are all elements atomic?), the relationships established (are they appropriate and correct?), the data types selected (are they appropriate and correctly sized?) and the data you used to populate the table.

Reference no: EM13250623

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