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- The LEGO company’s Lego brick has been awarded “Toy of the Century”, one of the most elite titles awarded in the toy industry.

- Initially, with the outbreak of social media, this company struggled to find a way of marketing their product through social media.

- The social web was eventually utilized by the company to build relationships with customers, generate new product ideas by sharing proprietary information, and better understand their customers.

- Through online interactions, the company has formed 6 distinct personas to categorize their consumers based on purchase and usage rates.

- These personas are:

1 - Lead users (people lego actively engages with on product design)

2 - 1:1 Community (people whose names and addresses they know)

3 - Connected Community (people who have bought lego and have also been to either a lego store or lego park)

4 - Active Households (people who bought lego in the past 12 months)

5 - Covered Households (people who have bought lego once)

6 - All Households (those who have never bought lego)

- According to the current chief innovation officer of the social media consultancy “ant’s eye view”, “The Lego group has never seen such tremendous success as they have in the past few years since they began utilizing their most valuable resource - their fans. Not only have they received more coverage on the internet, through cool lego pictures and fan-made viral videos, but have also turned feedback into new products”

Please provide a paragraph for each question:

1. Which of the three personas does the Lego Group spend the most social media marketing time and effort? It is likely that different personas will emerge for the Lego Group over time? Explain.

2. What factors may have influenced the Lego Group's target marketing decisions?

3. This case study indicates that the Lego Group believes its optimal target audience is young boys. Based on principles from the chapter, who do you think the company’s secondary optimal target audiences might be? What social media marketing efforts might help the company reach those other audiences?

4. How does identifying a target audience with personas help a company select the best social media platforms to focus its social media marketing efforts on?

Reference no: EM132281433

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