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Otto the Bus Driver is also a producer of oranges in a perfectly competitive market that is currently in long-run equilibrium at the price of $50. At equilibrium quantity of 100 trees, Otto’s average variable cost per tree is $35. Draw a graph for both the industry and Otto’s firm (include MR, MC, ATC, and AVC) Label the area of Otto’s Total Revenue Label the area of Total Cost Label the shut down point

Reference no: EM13994934

Do you agree with the statement do not criticize

Do you agree with the statement, "Don't criticize"? Do managers tend to give criticism or coaching feedback? Explain. How can managers improve? What percentage of time do you

Write a job description of the chancellors position

The organization i am doing this for is University of Tennesse at Martin. Who is the manager? Employees? How does he/she make the management process more efficient? Which laws

Core competencies and network-based strategies

How does Procter and Gamble Company address change; consider the use of BPM/BPR and other change processes. How is Procter and Gamble Company using synergies, core competencie

Pick three of the eight-step change theory components

Leaders can improve the chances for a successful change outcome by following Kotter's eight-step change theory. Pick three of the eight-step change theory components and giv

Explain the difference between fixed and variable costs

Describe the two most commonly used inventory valuation methods. Explain how each method effects the financial statement of the organization. If you were the CFO of an organ

Conduct interviews with the person who holds the job

Your task this week is to select a company with a job/position that you have access to. It can be a job you currently hold or have held in the past, or a job a family member o

Determine optimal design of health care delivery channels

Describe a health care provider with which you are familiar and discuss the function and flows that needs to be performed by that provider’s marketing channel. Provide specifi

Clarified the differences between the four models listed

Now that you have clarified the differences between the four models listed (you have most probably thought about lines that are composed of things like “people in line,” or “p


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