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The local apple stand sells apples for 50 cents each. They raise their price to 75 cents. The store was selling 100 apples a day but now they sell 50 apples a day. Calculate total revenue before and after the price change. List both answers i.e. before the price change total revenue and after the price change total revenue.

Reference no: EM13868710

Eliminating intermediate goods and services

Use the following information to answer the question: There are three firms in an economy: X, Y, and Z. Firm X buys $400 worth of goods from Firm Y, and $200 worth of goods fr

What bundle will the consumer consume

Currently, the price of consuming housing x1 is lowered by the fact that home mortgage interest is tax deductible. Suppose the government proposed to eliminate this implicit s

These calculations illustrate with regard to cost

Your accountant tell you that it cost $400 to set up an immunization program at a preschool and immunize one child against polio. It will cost $460 more to immunize 20 more ch

Why they led to the inflation and unemployment

Research two periods in history, one where the United States experienced an increase in inflation and the other an increase in unemployment. Write a paper discussing the cause

Companies get rich by fooling or cheating their customers

The Utility curve, iso-utility curve, showes\every combination of goods (or features) that provide consumers with the same level of satisfaction. Why is it important for manag

Alternatives as probability of economic conditions changes

Management at Washington Hospital Center is thinking about two investments. One is an MRI machine, which can make $100,000 in good economic conditions or $60,000 in bad econom

Monopolies are bad or good for society

Describes the market structures of oligopoly and monopoly in terms of number of producers, types of products produced, barriers to entry, and whether profit can be made in the

Salvage value was assumed in calculating the capital cost

K.T. Labs bought a Gene gun for $25,000. The accounting department has estimated that the machine would have an annualized capital cost of $3,880 over its 10-year service life


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