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The reading assignment this week includes the topic of analyzing data from a business’ Internet presence. Select a business, which is local to you, and discuss what key performance indicators (KPI) it would rely on to measure the success of its Internet presence. Note any areas where you may want or need some further explanation. Ask questions of your fellow classmates.

Reference no: EM132184091

Explain why you feel these products -are not appropriate fit

In your judgment who would be the best and the worst celebrity endorsers for each of these products/services: MADD, Dell, and Lamborghini. Identify a celebrity who endorses mo

Individuals can increase their critical thinking skills

Determine the manner in which you would show a potential employer that you possess solid critical thinking skills. Give your opinion on whether or not you believe that individ

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Greenfields is a mail order seed and plant business. The size of orders is uniformly distributed over the interval from $25 to $80. Use the following random numbers to generat

Develop integer programming model to find optimal number

Using aggressive mail promotion with low introductory interest rates, Yeager National Bank (YNB) built a large base of credit card customers throughout the continental United

Working on the project independently

What would you have done differently if you were working on the project independently? What other potential strategies might be more effective for bringing this particular i

Matrix project management models

Traditional, pure project, and matrix project management models. What are the primary differences between these different project management models? Each may be appropriate de

Business publication about operations management.

An article review is a 2-3 page paper (not including cover page and/or references) based on a business article from a business publication about Operations Management. The art

Share your thoughts on the leading dimensions profile

Share your thoughts on the Leading Dimensions Profile. Do your scores suggest one or two aspects of your leadership style that were particularly helpful? Do you agree with thi


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